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Welcome to 4B Station
Raising Registered Murray Grey Cattle since 2006


    An Oregon Cattle Ranch located in the Willamette Valley

Our cattle are free to graze on 70 acres of lush Willamette Valley native grasses. They have free access to the pastures and are never in a feedlot. The cattle at

4B Station  are registered with the American Murray Grey Association.   

Beef Quality
Traditional butchers prefer Murray Grey beef for its quality and tenderness.  
In 2008 a Murray Grey scored a perfect 10 on the genetic test for marbling and a near perfect 9 on the genetic test for tenderness at the Midland Bull Test. No bull of any breed has ever performed so well before.

Murray Grey Cattle are unsurpassed by any other beef breed for carrying the most genes for marbling and tenderness.  Progressive Murray Grey breeders are testing their cattle and proving time and time again that Murray Grey cattle are the best source for the highest quality eating beef in America.  They are one of the two breeds most desired in Japan and Korea.

Murray Grey Cattle were developed in Australia in the early 1900’s.  The first large scale herds were established in the 1940’s and shortly thereafter the first Murray Grey association was formed to register these cattle.  Murray Grey’s are now registered and sold in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Canada, South America, and the United States.

Breed Characteristics
Murray Grey are known to be docile and have a generally good temperament. Unlike many beef cattle we can easily walk up to the cattle especially if we have a grain bucket!

Murray Grey are naturally polled (no horns).

Calving Ease:  The calves are small and quick to their feet.
Size: Murray Grey bulls will usually weigh 1800-2500 lbs; cows normally weigh 1000-1400 lbs.

Color:  Murray Grey cattle can range from "light silver" through various shades of "dun" to black. The dun color may range from light tan to dark chocolate  brown.  The skin color is dark.


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