4B Station Murray Grey Herd

Our herd size varies from 12-25 head - actual number varies through out the year depending on when the cows have calves and when we sell them.


We have 8-10 cows that we artificially inseminate (AI) with high quality bull semen.  Click on the Sire page to view the bull semen we have used the last 5 years. 


We have a bull that we use for "clean-up" to assure we have yearly calves. 


Click through the slide show to see our herd

4B Station Bancia Zorro

Sire: Banksia Ridge Zorro Z27

Dam: Morgan Rivers Vixen

Slide 1: 

4B Station Bancia Zorro

     Sire:  Banksia Ridge Zorro Z27

     Dam:  Morgan Rivers Vixen

Slide 2:  

4B Station Amira Roar

     Sire: JB Roar

     Reserve National Champ 2007

     Dam:  MB Baroness Von Brink

Slide 3:

Sunnyridge Dee

     Sire:  Sunnyridge Ammo    

     Dam: Sunnyridge Betsy

Slide 4:

Sunnyridge Dora

     Sire:  Sunnyridge Ammo        

     Dam:  RS Tiger Lily

Slide 5

MB Baroness Von Brink 

     Sire: Lilyvale Dynamic

     Dam:  MB Ginger

Slide 6: 

Morgan Rivers Vixen

    Sire:  JB Roar

     Dam:  JB Ruffian

Slide 7  

4B Station Bluebell

     Sire:  4B Station Dark Knight

     Dam:  4U2 Gens Miss Holly

Slide 8:

4B Station Destiny
     Sire:  HA Maximum 43M  
Morgan Rivers Vixen

Slide 9:

4B Station Fraya

     Sire:  HA Bentley

     Dam: Sunnyridge Dora

Slide 10:

4B Station Flavia

     Sire:  Karakara Burleigh 80

     Dam:  MB Baroness Von Brink

Slide 11:

4B Station Fiona

     Sire:  Karakara Burleigh B80

     Dam:  4B Station Foxy Lady

Slide 12:

4B Station Finley

    Sire:  4B Station Dozer M

     Dam: 4B Station Destiny 

Slide 13:

4B Station Fabian

    Sire:  HA Mr Muscle        

     Dam:  Morgans River Vixen

Slide 14:

4B Station Dozer M

    Sire:   HA Maximum 43M

     Dam:  MB Foxy Lady

Murray Grey Cattle carry more of the tenderness and marbling genes than ANY other breed

Cattle are finished on grass, no hormones, no antibiotics

4B Station       Pleasant Hill, Oregon       Registered Murray Grey Cattle