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4B Station Murray Grey Herd

Our herd size varies from 12-25 head - actual number varies through out the year depending on when the cows have calves and when we sell them.


We have 8-10 cows that we artificially inseminate (AI) with high quality bull semen.  Click on the Sire page to view the bull semen we have used the last 5 years. 


We have a bull that we use for "clean-up" to assure we have yearly calves. 


Click through the slide show to see our herd

Slide 1: 

4B Station Bancia Zorro

Sire: Banksia Ridge Zorro Z27

Dam: Morgan Rivers Vixen

Slide 1: 

4B Station Bancia Zorro

     Sire:  Banksia Ridge Zorro Z27

     Dam:  Morgan Rivers Vixen

Slide 2:  

4B Station Amira Roar

     Sire: JB Roar

     Reserve National Champ 2007

     Dam:  MB Baroness Von Brink

Slide 3:

Sunnyridge Dee

     Sire:  Sunnyridge Ammo    

     Dam: Sunnyridge Betsy

Slide 4:

4B Station Fraya

     Sire:  HA Bentley      

     Dam: Sunny Ridge Dora

Slide 5

4B Station Flavia

     Sire:  Kara Kara Burleigh

     Dam:  MB Baroness

Slide 6: 

4B Station Destiny    

Sire:  HA Maximum 43M      

Dam:  Morgan Rivers Vixen

Slide 7:

4B Station Hercules.H

    Sire: Marire Gambler 934       

     Dam: 4B Station Bancia Zorro

Slide 8 

4B Station 4H (eligible to be registered)


     Sire:  4B Station Finley

     Dam:  Morgans River Vixen

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