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Sires for Cattle on 4B

We started our herd in 2006 with a single bull, 4U2 Sparky Generator and he sired many calves for us.  He was sold in 2009 and we started using artificial insemination (AI) to diversify the herd. 


The American Murray Grey Association (AMGA) has a world wide registry of Murray Grey cattle.  This registry assures that the bull semen we use is purebred Murray Grey.  AI allows us to choose bulls with excellent carcass traits, specifically, genes for marbling and tenderness.  Through the Murray Grey registry we can find bulls that give smaller calves for our heifers and good temperaments.

We have used championship bulls from Australia and the United States.  Diversifying the herd has been fun and exciting to watch.  Below we have listed the AI, breeding, and herd sires we have used the last 5 years (excluding 2017 because we sold our calves that year).

AI Sires 2018-2020

Click on the underlined name for a link that takes you to the AMGA registration page and information about the bull.

Respected and used by some of the original founders of the Murray Grey breed in Australia including Murray Sutherland himself!

Reserve Senior Champion Bull @ years running at the Perth Royal Show.


We bought 2 Registered Murray Grey Heifers in 2018 and one was pregnant and had a calf sired by HA Bentley

Herd Sire 2020


Herd Sire 2018

Dozer M1D.jpg

AI Sires 2016

Young Guns Wyatt Earp

HA McKinley 45M

HA Maximum 43M

ALZ Zinnel's Valer

AI Sires 2015

HA Maximum 43M

HA Mr Muscle

AI Sires 2013

Banksia Ridge Zorro Z27

WCC Freightliner

AI Sires 2012

Lilyvale Dynamic

Gentle Acres Trojan  66C

Marire Gambler


   2012 - JB Roar from Morgan River Ranch



    2013 to 2015

    4B Station Rolling Thunder

         Sired by Gentle Acres Trojan 66C and Dam: MB Pebbles

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