Murray Grey Cattle For Sale

Murray Greys are fairly new to the United States and the popularity of the breed is expanding.  We primarily sell to other cattle ranchers and hobbyists to allow them to start or expand their herds.  In the last few years we have sold breeding stock to Angus ranchers who are using the Murray Greys, with their docile temperaments, to try to "calm" down their Angus herds. 


We have been using AI to improve the quality of our herd.  Email me with any questions you may have about pedigrees or if you want more pictures.

If you want to know where the beef you eat comes from you are in luck because we do sell our beef.  They are completely grass fed with no hormones or antibiotics.  We usually butcher in early summer.  Send me an email and we can give you more information.

Cattle for Sale
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You can send an email or call if you would like to discuss what we may have available.

Purebred Murray Grey Bulls for Sale

For More information: Click on the picture which will open a link to the

American Murray Grey Association registration page for the animal



Great Blood Lines  - 20 months    Eligible to be registered

     Sire: 4B Station Finley

     Dam: Morgans River Vixen


Hercules 2020

4B Station Hercules.H

     DOB  4/16/20 

     Weaning # 765

     Sire:  Marire Gambler    

     Dam:  4B Station Bancia Zorro

Murray Grey Calf

4B Station Finley

     Sold 2019


We have several Steers born this year and will be weaned after 205 days, Call to see what's available.